Welcome to the Trans American Software
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Star City Linux User Group

Instant Linux! Try Without Installation! This web site contains several linux resources and utilities collected or written by people that use linux.  Anything you wish to contribute will be accepted by email and ftp upload.  If you want credit, your full name or Internet 'nick' will be included in the resource you contributed to, or on a corresponding web document.  Most of these resources apply to any linux kernel version above 2.0 and any distribution. This web site is also optimized for the lynx web browser.

Please note: What you see in the html root tree is pertinent to beginners and as reference material. Advanced User Documentation is located in the Linux WiKi; the technical writing of users as they make stuff work.

Below is a list of our current linux resources. 

  • A. Linux simple command reference.

  • B. Linux simple 'how-to's' and references

  • C. Contributions, detailed notes, and data archive

  • D. Linux program download resource

  • E. Linux/OS article archive

  • F. General linux resource URLs

  • G. Programming and Developers Resources New!
    • 1. Java
    • 2. Perl
    • 3. C
    • 4. MySQL

  • H. Support and contact form
    • Use our contact form if you are interested in contributing something to this site or if you simply would like to contact us. Contact the Star City Linux User Group by using the new contact form as an alternative to email.

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